Reviews About VIVO

VIVO is a Chinese technology company that is launching a lot of the best smartphones all over the world. The headquarters of VIVO is in Dongguan (China). Duan Yongping and Shen Wei are the founders of this company and Shen Wei is currently working as the CEO of this VIVO Company. This Company was established in 2009 and Started in Dongguan (China). According to the survey of 2020 VIVO Company has more than 10,000 Employees and is Ranked in the Top 10 Mobile Manufacturing Companies. It contains 2.7% Goble Market Shares.

In 2014 VIVO Lunch its Mobiles in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.  After Getting a Successful Response from the user VIVO Team decided to expand their market in Asia to Enter Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Nepal, and Russia to interact with more and more customers by launching their best and most Stylish mobiles.

In 2020, VIVO Company more towards Europe and target the European people and sell their products in Europe. VIVO launches its multiple best Android Base Mobiles all over the world and engages the customers with good Connectivity. VIVO also is very active in marketing on multiple platforms like the Official Smartphone Brand of the FIFA Football World Cup and also has the rights of Title Sponsor of IPL (Indian Premier League). VIVO is also very active in Pakistan and launches its multiple mobiles in the Pakistani market to engage Pakistani Users to purchase high-quality mobiles.

VIVO Develop the best and most dynamic smartphone for getting the best photography as well as the best Audio and Video sound and display. VIVO especially design their smartphone for the young generation for musical and educational purposes.

VIVO Mobile Series:

VIVO Company lunches their mobiles models in different series and entertains their users with good and high-quality mobiles. VIVO Brand lunch their mobiles in three series V-Series, Y-Series, and V-Series. All the mobiles phone are good-looking and also have very good specifications. VIVO Lunch their models according to user needs and requirements.


V23e, V21e, V21, V20 SE, V20,


Y21, Y33s, Y53s, Y1s, Y31, Y12a, Y12s, Y20s [G], Y20s, Y20 2021, Y51s


X70 Pro 5G, X60 Pro

If you want to buy a new mobile with 4G or 5G Technology and a 6” to 7” display with 4GB or 8GB RAM and 64GB or 128GB ROM for multipurpose use then we will suggest you buy VIVO Mobile because VIVO introduces a lot of mobile in different price range is very easy to buy and use. VIVO designs Android-based mobile that is very easy to use.

VIVO Service Activity:

VIVO Company provides a lot of best services to their customers for better client relationships. Please write down the following services activity of VIVO.

  • VIVO Service Center
  • VIVO Service Day
  • Free Delivery Service
  • Refreshment Service
  • Enjoyment for Kids
  • Guidance about Health
  • Discount in repairing